• 2007
  • 17/12/2007
    • Paper accepted: A Heterochiral Triangulo Nickel Complex as Evidence of Large Positive Nonlinear Effect in Catalysis: J. S. Fossey*, R. Matsubara, H. Kiyohara and S. Kobayashi*, Inorg. Chem., 2008, 47, 781-783
    • JSF transfers to position of Research Fellow to become Research Co-Investigator on a project in collaboration with Tony D. James <EPSRC DT/F00267X/1>
    • 03/12/2007
      • Paper accepted: Intramolecular Pyridinium π-Stacking Probed by Fluorescence: I. Richter, J. Minari, P. Axe, J. P. Lowe, K. Sakurai, T. D. James, S. D. Bull* and J. S. Fossey*, Chem. Commun., 2008, 1082-1084
    • 01/12/2007
      • Dr Wenbo Chen joins the Chirality at Nitrogen Team as a post doctoral research fellow (Leverhulme Trust)
    • 08/11/2007
      • JSF invited speaker at UEA (Norwich, UK)
    • 08/10/2007
      • MChem student David Edwards joins the Chirality at Nitrogen Team
      • MChem student Maija Maskuniitty joins the Carbohydrate Detection Team
      • Integrated PhD student Norahim Ibrahim joins the Click-Fluor Team
    • 06/10/2007
      • Dr Tony D James and JSF have been awarded a DTI Grant as part of a £1.2 M project with industry to develop fluorescent sensors
    • 29/08/2007
    • 09/08/2007
    • 01/08/2007
    • 16/07/2007
      • Undergrad Naoko Masumoto joins the Cancer Detection Project team for a work experience placement (biology/chemistry interface)
    • 04/07/2007
      • Bath/Poitier mini symposium Université de Poitiers, Bâtiment Chimie Synthèse et Réactivité des Substances Naturelles, Poitiers (France)
      • JSF - Invited speaker
      • Post Doc Francois D'Hooge - Invited speaker
      • Visiting PhD Student Jusaku Minari - Poster Presentation
      • MRes Student Joyce Yin Pang - Poster Presentation
      • Visiting Student Isabella Richter - Poster Presentation
    • 03/07/2007
      • Damien Rogalle presents his work in his home institution (Poitier University, France), supported by the whole group.
      • 28/06/2007
      • Paper accepted: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of the First C2-Symmetric Bis-aldimine NCN-Pincer Complexes of Platinum and Palladium: J. S. Fossey,* M. L. Russell, K. M. A. Malik and C. J. Richards, J. Organomet. Chem., 2007, 692, 4843
    • 27/06/2007
      • Damien Rogalle, makes his final presentation at Bath
    • 18/06/2007
      • Jusaku Minari joins the Cyclophane Synthetic Strategy project, supervised by Dr Steven D. Bull and JSF. Jusaku is a visiting PhD student (Royal Society) from Professor Kazuo Sakurai's group at The Univeristy of Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu, Japan)
    • 13/06/2007
      • A book chapter jointly produced with Dr Christopher J. Richards is published
    • 01/06/2007
      • MRes student Joyce Ying Pan joins the Cyclophane Synthetic Strategy project, supervised by Dr Steven D. Bull and JSF
    • 18/05/2007
      • JSF invited speaker at The First International Symposium on Atomic Technology for Molecular Functions (ISATMF) 2007, Tsukuba Research Centre for Interdisciplinary Materials Science (TIMS), University of Tsukuba (Tskuba, Japan)
    • 17/05/2007
    • 15/05/2007
    • 12/05/2007
    • 11/05/2007
      • James E. Taylor recieves a 2007 Bath University Enterprise Award,
    • 10/05/2007
    • 09/05/2007
    • 07/05/2007
    • 23/04/2007
      • Undergrad Bradley Vice joins the Cancer Detection Project team for a work experience placement (synthetic)
    • 02/04/2007
      • Isabella Richter, a visiting student from Germany, begins work on her disseration on a joint project supervised by Dr Steven D. Bull and JSF: A Cyclophane Synthesis Paradigm
      • Damien Rogalle, an ERASMUS student from France, begins work on the Cancer Detection Project supervised by Dr Tony James, Dr Jean van den Elsen and JSF
      • Dr Francois D'Hooge joins the Cancer Detection Team as senior (synthetic) post doc, reporting to JSF
    • 19/03/2007
      • James E. Taylor presents poster at the House of Commons (London, UK) on organocobalt chemistry
      • JSF presents poster at the House of Commons (London, UK) on carbohydrate detection
    • 09/03/2007
    • 28/02/2007
      • JSF, Dr Tony James and Dr Toby Jenkins of the University of Bath and Dr Kenichi Morigaki of AIST Osaka, Japan are awarded a Sasakawa Foundation grant for their advanced sensors project
    • 19/02/2007
    • 15/02/2007
      • JSF new regional coordinator (Southwest) JSPS UK Alumni Association

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