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Nick Leadbeater Thurs 13th Oct - 1630 BioSci 301
Etienne Baranoff Wed 19th Oct - 1400 Mech Eng G36
Aurelio Mateo-Alonso Thurs 20th Oct - 1100 Ha 209a
Jonathan Nitschke Thurs 27th Oct - 1430 Mech Eng G29
Jon Williams Tues 22nd Nov - 1600 BioSci 301
David Spring Tues 22nd Nov - 1700 BioSci 301
Mat Davidson Thurs 8th Dec - 1615 tbc
John Moses Tues 7th Feb tbc
Peter Seeberger Tues 14th Feb tbc
Stephen Goldup Tues 20th March tbc
Robert Paton Tues 20th March tbc
Kevin Booker-Milburn tbc tbc


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